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Speaker Interview: Oleksii Kliukin

Ace it with ACID: PostgreSQL transactions for fun and profit   Thursday 11:50   New York

Twitter: @hintbits GitHub: alexeyklyukin Company website:

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

I am Oleksii Kliukin, I work as a Senior PostgreSQL Developer at Adjust. I am based in Berlin, Germany.

How do you engage with the PostgreSQL Community?

I've been working together with the PostgreSQL community for quite a while, occasionally participating in mailing list discussion, promoting PostgreSQL, speaking at different PostgreSQL conferences and working on related topics, such as replication, High Availability and running PostgreSQL on Kubernetes. Since 2015 I am one of the organizers of the PostgreSQL Meetup Berlin, where we aim to deliver high-quality talks to the local audience and bootstrap the community in one of the biggest European cities.

Have you enjoyed previous or FOSDEM conferences, either as attendee or as speaker?

I had a pleasure to participate in both PGConf.EU and FOSDEM, speaking in some years and attending at others, and it has always being a blast!

What will your talk be about, exactly? Why this topic?

I am going to touch a rather fundamental topic of transactions in PostgreSQL; however, as opposed to other talks on a subject, I will not dig deep into the internals, neither I am planning to quote the documentation. Instead, my goal to provide examples, showing many best practices and creative solutions that rely on the powerful transactional engine in PostgreSQL, exposing some useful features of that engine along the way.

What is the audience for your talk?

I am looking forward to seeing people that just started working with PostgreSQL, as well as those that have been working with it for some time as developers or database engineers.

What existing knowledge should the attendee have?

Basic knowledge of SQL and how transactions work would definitely help to get the most out of my talk!

What is the one feature in PostgreSQL 11 which you like most?

"Real" stored procedures (and being able to commit a transaction and start a new one inside a single procedure) would be my pick.

Which other talk at this year’s conference would you like to see?

If I were to pick only one that would be extremely hard; I will pick three: Peter Eisentraut's talk on stored procedures, Reinier's and Marco's talk on partitioning a 10TB table and Alexander's talk called "Highway to hell or stairway to cloud", not least because it is a cool name; oh, and most of the talks from the hacker's track as well.